Clay shoot to raise funds for AJ Swope Plaza

clay shoot fundraiser is scheduled for April of this year. Organizers invite you to a day full of shooting and an evening full of fun Saturday, April 18th, at River Breaks Ranch. The Clay Shoot begins with a 1 p.m. check-in followed by dinner at 7 p.m. and concert by Zac Wilkerson.



Friends of Fogelberg Raises Awareness for Prostate Cancer

Additionally, Friends of Fogelberg will provide details of a partnership with Friends of AJ Swope, an Amarillo-based group raising money for the AJ Swope Plaza, Texas Panhandle Walk of Fame and Texas Panhandle First Responders Memorial in downtown Amarillo.



Fundraising Continues for

AJ Swope Plaza

The Friends of AJ Swope have a fund set up at the Amarillo Area Foundation. People can visit their website or go to with a link to the Amarillo Area Foundation's website. 



Randall County Sheriff's Office to host fundraiser to benefit AJ Swope Plaza

The Randall County Sheriff's Office will host a fundraiser on March 1 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. with the proceeds going to benefit the A.J. Swope Plaza. The plaza is to be built near Hodgetown in downtown Amarillo.



AJ Swope Plaza Fundraising Effort in Full Swing

Around $250,000 in financial commitments are in place for construction of the AJ Swope Plaza, which will be located at Lincoln Street and Eighth Avenue southeast of the new baseball stadium.



AJ Swope Plaza in Downtown Amarillo

AJ Swope Plaza is a privately funded project that upon completion will be donated to the City of Amarillo for area residents to utilize as a place for remembrance, reflection, and celebration.



Remembering the life and legacy of AJ Swope, five years later

“Whenever he decided to do something, he was going to give it 110 percent,” said former professor and friend, Randy Ray. “That's the way it was when he was a broadcaster, that's the way it was when he was working with wind energy, and that certainly was the way it was...



Plaza coming to downtown Amarillo in memory of AJ Swope

Most people knew AJ Swope for two things: his passion for wind energy management, and his love for music.


"He did something that most men, they strive their entire life to achieve...



AJ Swope Sporting Clay Shoot raising money for plaza

Plans to build a plaza in downtown Amarillo to honor a special member of our community lost too soon are underway. Craig Vaughn has some details on the AJ Swope Sporting Clay Shoot. It will be held Saturday, April 18th at River Braks Ranch.



Leader of the Band: Friends of Fogelberg Concert & Free Prostate Screening

Another portion will go toward the AJ Swope Plaza, an outdoor performance venue will be built to honor AJ Swope, a beloved local musician, after his untimely death.



Randall County Sheriff's Office Hosting Lunch to Benefit AJ Swope Plaza

The Randall County Sheriff’s Office is hosting a benefit lunch from 11 a.m. to 01 p.m. The proceeds from the event will go to benefit the A.J. Swope Plaza.  The plaza to be built will be located in downtown Amarillo near the new MPEV.



Challege Accepted! Potter County SO Donates Raises Money for Plaza

The Potter County Sheriff’s Office accepted a challenge and made a monetary notch in the belt to build the AJ Swope Plaza. Sheriff Brian Thomas presented Wendi Swope, AJ's widow, with $1280 Friday morning to help build the First Responders Memorial...



Paying it Forward for AJ Swope

A new addition to downtown is in the works and you can help pay it forward today by donating to the cause.

Every year on A.J. Swope's birthday, his family and friends ask others to pay it forward.



Planned memorial to honor AJ Swope, first responders

A gift to Amarillo and a posthumous honor, the Friends of AJ Swope are planning to construct a privately funded plaza downtown. The public green space will include a 300-seat amphitheater, the Texas Panhandle Walk of Fame and the Texas Panhandle's First Responders... 



Proposed AJ Swope Plaza to be located next to MPEV

Coming together as the "Friends of AJ Swope", those that knew Swope, as well as local leaders, are planning a privately-funded downtown plaza that includes a 300-seat amphitheater, a Panhandle Walk of Fame, and a Panhandle First Responders Memorial. 



AJ Swope Plaza Being Proposed Next To MPEV

Efforts to raise funds are now underway for a new plaza that will be in downtown Amarillo next to the MPEV.

The AJ Swope Plaza is being proposed and will be located on Southeast 8th... 

September 2019 Issue


Ten Successes From The Panhandle That You Probably Don't Know

Robert "Bob" O'Rear was born in Wellington, Texas, and brought up in Perryton. TRW hired O'Rear to work on Air Force spy satellite programs. He also wrote programs that optimized the trajectory of Minuteman missiles during the Cold War.



Friends of Fogelberg to partner with friends of AJ Swope

Friends of Fogelberg is hosting its annual benefit concert for prostate cancer awareness on Friday, Sept 6 at the Globe-News Center for Performing Arts and will feature a host of popular area musicians on stage throughout the evening.



Randall County hosting fundraiser to benefit AJ Swope Plaza

Randall County Sheriff’s Office is holding a benefit luncheon to help fund the upcoming A.J. Swope Plaza, which is slated to be located in downtown Amarillo.The hamburger luncheon will cost $7 and include a burger, chips, a cookie and a drink.



Potter County Sheriff's Office Donates to Swope Plaza

The Potter County Sheriff’s Office donated nearly $1,300 to the AJ Swope Plaza fund on Friday morning.

The Potter County Sheriff’s Office donated $1,300 to the memorial today, which aims to honor fallen first responders.



Plans Unveiled for AJ Swope Plaza in Downtown Amarillo

The Friends of AJ Swope have announced plans to build a privately-funded downtown plaza as a gift to Amarillo citizens that will include a 300-seat amphitheater, the Texas Panhandle Walk of Fame, and the Texas Panhandle First Responders Memorial.



Plaza named after AJ Swope proposed downtown

More than 5 years since AJ Swope passed away, a plaza has been proposed in downtown to honor him. 

"We have proposed to the City of Amarillo to build a 300 seat amphitheater downtown in a really lovely green space that would also include a Texas 



Plans Announced For Downtown Amarillo “AJ Swope Plaza” 

A group of music lovers announced plans this week to build a privately funded plaza and amphitheater in downtown Amarillo.


The plaza will be named for beloved Amarillo singer-songwriter AJ Swope,